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Plazaworld was created as a natural respond to local needs of good & rich visual communication, and programming needs. Plazaworld has aid for more than 26 years from freelance programmers to small, mid size & large companies and institutions with many customers from around the world.

our philosophy...
….to enhance visual experience by creating & developing appealing an accurate visual communication combined with a fully integrated, complex, customized programming to end up with a fully interactive website.

mission statement...
Ideas must be collected, expressed, natured until mature in a strong, constant and fulfilling conceptual organism. There on its own world, design will take place to present & create one perfect image. Functionallity must be discussed into small pieces, all details must be obtain to be able to produce a magnificient, full feature interacive website, to suit all your needs.

Challenges met, challenges bring fusion & empowerment to a constant growing multi-media environment, and by doing so, achieve our client’s goals. We pursue a short and long term relationship.

for our clients...
Our client’s demand for perfection requires not only strategically strength but an efficient and reliable creative methodology. Here is our process structure:

1. Planning - Strategy
2. Concept - Development
3. Delivery - Analysis

client relations...
For those who seek a well planned environment for their ideas to be born; for those who understand the nature of creative uniqueness, quality and importance of media understanding... for those seaking functionallity integration and perfection PLAZAWORLD is for you.


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